Raymond C. Harding, Poetry From the 1960’s – 1963

We present here the first of three collection of poems by Ray C. Harding, containing 103 poems from 1963. They speak of a different time, when nature was still threatened by significant, if not fully understood, attempts of humans, to make nature serve the needs of mankind’s desires for a better way of life than what evolutionary change, left to its own devices, was presenting to their contemporary awareness. Fifty-two years have passed and still we deny the effects of human involvement in the crisis of environmental change. The simple poetry of his time continues to stir our uneasiness.

His poems portray a life-long love of things natural, especially of birds, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and a first generation pride in his Irish heritage, although he deferred making that a prominent display in his social activities. We, his children, however, (speaking only for myself) have absorbed, if unwittingly, a quiet and respectful, love of things Irish and a certain curiosity regarding the comings and goings of the Hardings of County Cork, Ireland in the 18th and 19th century.

We have two more collections of Ray ‘s poems to offer in the near future. We sincerely hope that you find these offerings both pleasant and inspiring, as that is what poetry, and Ray’s efforts, are all about .


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