Introduction to Segment 2 Meditations With a Purpose

Searching a Different View


Chambered Nautilus Training Group

Permanent Stress Reduction Program


Segment 2   Meditations With a Purpose

Segment 2 of Permanent Stress Reduction contains a series of meditations that will assist a participant in a Chambered Nautilus Program deepen daily awareness of changes in how we see the world around us.

These changes are essential to lasting success in implementing new ways to handle problematic, daily challenges of stress, anger, anxiety, and a whole list of unnecessary or ineffective emotional reactions.

These meditations should prove extremely helpful to those who have  completed certain segments of the over-all Permanent Stress Reduction Program.

We do realize, however, that many people might be interested in beginning or improving their meditative experience without going through the whole program.

We offer these folks the Segment 2 as a stand alone choice and since many may be new to the meditation experience, we have included a brief introduction to the meditation experience itself.

Even those who meditate regularly may find value in the personal perspectives presented there. We present a series of 8 meditations using the author’s personal photographs from around the United States, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, and Shanghai China, coupled with reinforcing themes of the personal awareness growth that CNTG participants have learned and are applying to their lives daily.

Whatever your interests are, we hope you find this Segment 2 to be a rewarding experience, well worth your time and effort.

For new-comers, we repeat below a presentaton of basic ideas involved in “The Practice of Meditation”

Enjoy the Journey                     Chambered Nautilus Training Group:   Ship of Pearl Productions

A Path in Melbourne, Aus


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