Getting a grip on me: Using the Chambered Nautilus Training as a Tool for Personal Growth


After many hours and days and headaches, I’m happy to post some initial information regarding the Chambered Nautilus Training Group program for dealing with negative responses to Stress, Anger, and Anxious moments of all kinds. All those things that disrupt our daily quest for peace of mind in a world of social chaos.

First, a word about our logo.

The Chambered Nautilus is example of an evolutionary process that is as beautiful as it is functional. It imperceptibly grows from one chamber in it’s shell to a larger one as it matures. The end product is a balanced, living entity that is carried into new environments to thrive and survive. Eventually, it washes up on a shoreline and becomes just another shell on the beach.

When found by a shell hunter and sliced evenly in half lengthwise the symmetrical beauty is revealed in all it’s luxurious mother-of-pearl finish. Ralph Waldo Emerson has praised it so well as a Ship of Pearl.

The Chambered Nautilus Training Group program uses a number of different segments, like the chambers of the animal, to raise awareness of rational solutions to everyday occurrences that challenge our emotional stability. Solutions that are within every person’s reach through awareness and habitual practice.

Please Note:

 Techniques taught here are based on sound psychological principles but are not intended to replace structured psychotherapy should the learner need that level of intensity of training. When in doubt, the individual should seek a professional assessment.

Our plan uses techniques consistant with Rational Emotional Therapy practice and is intended only for use by the author, back when I was formally engaged in private practice as a licensed mental health couselor. Now that I am retired, I felt that the information could be useful for anyone who comes across this little blog. And, of course, most of us don’t always look our best when we’re stressed out.

The hope is that the plan presented here will enable a regular, peaceful review of the steps in this program that leads to forming a new mental attitude that could make one’s necessary, personal changes come easier and thus become part of the practitioner’s daily life.

Emotional growth takes a good deal of work. We think it should be a pleasant experience.



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