About Me

Richard D. Harding

Retired psychotherapist and Adjunct University prof. Remaking my path as I go and inviting any and all path-walkers to share meditation thoughts, personal art works, music interests and just plain fun observations of life’s passing moments. Along the way we might stumble over short stories, never before published poems, retirees’ road trips and tips, travel pictures, and occasional serious thoughts, otherwise not categorized.

I will, at some point, share some pathways through bothersome states of mind like stress and anger and things that go bump in everyone’s paths. But for now, lets just walk or jog and have fun thinking new thoughts together.

This path goes anywhere and everywhere, open to all possibilities. Hopefully a step beyond FB, Twitter, etc. I see it as an opportunity for family, friends, coworkers, and friends we’ve yet to meet, to come together in an effort of friendly enrichment. Walkers of all paths are welcome. Please join us. Richard D.



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