Happy (Go Lucky) Chickens

We’ve been eating whole lot of organic food lately. Check out the chicken “factory” picture here and you may think about how food gets to the table. Thanks, Daphnecybele/at Bean and Bantam blog. Fine looking chickens, by the way. rdh


Happy chickensHappy chickenscrazy chicken text

Let’s not debate the existence of chicken emotion; let’s just assume these chickens are,

for all intents and purposes, happy chickens.   Healthy chickens.

They are also lucky chickens.

In contrast to these happy lucky chickens:

Most Americans get their eggs and chicken tenders from chickens

living in a completely different manner and environment:Photo by Emirkoo via Fotolia.com

Photo by FOTOALEM via Fotolia.com

No sunlight.  No grass.  Definitely no watermelon and tasty earthworms. 

Isn’t it a bit bizarre that these chickens are basically farm livestock but

they have no idea what sunlight and grass are?

Which kind of chicken or egg would you rather eat?


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